Fidelity National Collections

The mission of Fidelity National Collections is to provide unequaled service in the recovery of assets entrusted to us, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Fidelity succeeds where others don’t because we have well trained, experienced, dedicated employees and uniquely qualified managers.  Using state-of-the-art technology, our staff achieves high recovery rates and improves our client’s bottom line.

Our knowledge and experience has resulted in our reputation for providing unprecedented recoveries and customer service for our clients.

"Fidelity is very easy to work with, and a big reason our relationship has been so positive is they have actually work small balances, which is becoming more and more rare."

Bill Ridge

Former Director of Patient Financial Services, Alliance Community Hospital

"Fidelity was open to the idea and competition as a champion challenger and each time (Fidelity) came out as the better performer."

Kristi Miller

Department Systems Coordinator, University Health Associates

"Fidelity is very easy to work with and are always quick to respond to any issue that has come up."

Nick Stotzer

Director of Patient Financial Services, Aultman Hospital.